SmallBiz: Twitter

Why is it useful?

Twitter is still in its infancy. It is relevant, 'timely' conversation that is mostly public. You can listen to (follow) anyone you'd like to, and people can find you based on what you have in common - or if they see you to be saying interesting things.

Messages (tweets) from those you follow are organized in a feed called the timeline, which is a list with the most recent updates first. Scrolling down takes you back through the history of their tweets over time.

Often associated with news and events, whereas Facebook is more about sharing things in your life. The key is in the message size (140 characters or less) and that it isn't difficult to un-follow someone who you decide you're not interested to hear from.

Twitter is increasingly essential for marketing, and every business will soon need to utilize this tool to reach its customers.

It has been embraced by corporations who understand its reach, as well as realizing that this is an opportunity to respond to your customers questions and resolve issues they've had.

Points to remember:

  • You can track what people are saying about you, and respond.
  • You can reinforce relationships with previous customers.
  • You can self-promote, and people will read it.
  • It's not going anywhere, it's very easy to setup and learn, get started already!

This is communication. Whether talking, texting, or blogging: it is the same idea as spoken words.

Some of the recent examples from a  Southwest Airlines: